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Class: Physics 4267/6268, Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos, Fall 2012

Instructor & TA


Prof. Daniel I. Goldman, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Office: Howey C202 (office hours: by email)
Phone: (404) 894-0993


Patrick Chang
Office: MoSE G128 (office hours TBD)

Feifei Qian
Office: Howey W01 (office hours TBD)

Nick Gravish
Office: Howey W01 (office hours TBD)

Alexandros Fragkopoulos
Office: Boggs B-55 (office hours TBD)

Course Description

The course offers an introductory treatment of nonlinear dynamics and chaos, including first order ODE and their bifurcations, phase plane analysis, limit cycles, Lorenz equations, chaos, iterated maps, period doubling, fractals and strange attractors. Teams of students will also conduct one week of self-guided experiments in Prof. Goldman's laboratory and prepare final report/presentation of the results.

Time and Place

Tuesday, Thursday, 9:30-11AM, Howey S204

Homework and grading

Homework sets will be given every other week. Homework must be submitted at the start of class or it will be considered late.

Final Grades

Grades will be calculated using 40% homework scores, 20% from mid-term exam, and 40% from the final project


"Nonlinear Dyanamics & Chaos", Steven H. Strogatz (Westview Press, 2001)