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Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Ferrofluid

Ferrofluid exibits nonlinear dynamical behavior in response to both static and oscillating external magnetic fields. An experiment was developed to isolate a single peak response of ferrofluid to an electromagnetic field generated by a hertzien coil. The apparatus was configured such that a single peak could be isolated. The response was observed with a highspeed camera. First a static magnetic field was applied. This resulted in nonlinear surface behavior accompanied by a hysteresis effect. Spontaneous peak formation was observed at a critical field magnitude. We have examined this response and related an established qualitative model. A critical magnitude is observed in which spontaneous peak formation is induced (normal field instability). Subcritical instability is also observed and results in characteristically different peaks. Next, a thermal component was intruced and a corrosponding term was added to the dynamical equation to account for this effect. This nonlinear surface oscillating bifurcation is rarely studied or observed.


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Linear stability analysis

Chaotic dynamics


Parts list

  1. Hertzion Coil
  2. Teflon Fluid Holder
  3. Power Supply
  4. High-speed Camera
  5. Ferrofluid - EFH-1