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Howey building. School of Physics, Georgia Tech

This is the wiki page associated with Physics 4268/6268 Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos. Physics 4268/6268 is an undergraduate and graduate level nonlinear dynamics course taught by Professor Daniel I. Goldman in the School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The TA is Ellen Liu from the Sponberg lab. Wiki is currently maintained by Ellen Liu. The course is comprised of both a classroom component and a laboratory component. In the laboratory component student led groups will perform a nonlinear dynamics experiment and report their findings. Students thus develop intuition for nonlinear dynamics both on paper and in a hands-on laboratory environment.

The goal of this wiki is for students to interactively develop and compile a library of experiments that illustrate fundamental principles of nonlinear dynamics for further educational use.

Site information

On this site you will find all content related to the student led nonlinear dynamics experiments. Announcements for the 2023 course can be found below. In addition all materials from previous years have been posted so that students may see examples of previous project wiki pages, papers, and presentations.

Each group is given access a project page in which they will edit and add content to a wikipedia styled entry detailing the experiment being performed. The page should include a brief summary of the experiment and the relevant scientific questions followed by a more comprehensive explanation of the theoretical and experimental details. Pages should contain references to outside information via journal or book citations, and external web pages. Once the lab has been completed the page should be edited to include information on experimental analysis, results, and a conclusion. Sample pages from previous years serve as useful references.

Final papers / presentations 2020

Project Files
Fire-front modelling with matches Presentation. Final report 1, Final report 2, Final report 3
Locally-induced Faraday waves Presentation. Final report 1, Final report 2, Final report 3
Vortex ring rormation Presentation. Final report 1, Final report 2, Final report 3
Synchronization of Rijke tubes Presentation. Final report 1, Final report 2
Metronome synchronization Presentation. Final report 1, Final report 2, Final report 3

Final papers / presentations 2014

Project Files
Chiral Object Presentation. Final report
Faraday Instability Presentation. Final report
Astrojax Pendulum Presentation. Final report
Jump on Granular Media Presentation. Final report
Pendulum Synchronization Final report

Final papers / presentations 2012

Congratulations to all the students! Pictures and Videos from the semester have been uploaded as well as the final presentations and papers which can be found below.

Project Files
Duffing Oscillator Presentation. Papers: Andrew, Aemen, Ross
Firefly Synchronization Presentation. Papers: Morris, Mark, Ben, Will
Chua's Circuit Presentation. Papers: Patrick, Edward, John, Majid
Cricket Synchronization Main presentation, Presentation on pseudo-synchronization leading the pack. Papers: Justin, Charlie, Yuxuan

Announcements: Fall 2012

  • Student groups will be posted shortly. Projects suggestions will be made in class 9/11/2012
  • The room Howey S204 has been reserved for student groups to meet and discuss the following hours and dates:
    • Mondays from Oct 22 - Dec 3 from 10am to 12pm
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am to 12pm
    • Wednesdays from Oct 31 - Dec 5 from 10am to 12pm
    • Fridays from 3pm to 5 pm

Final papers / presentations 2011

Congratulations to all the students, the final papers and presentations were universally excellent! Pictures from the semester have been uploaded as well as the final presentations and papers which can be found below.

Project Files
Faraday waves Main presentation, Non-newtonian presentation. Papers: Paul, Juan
Plinko dynamics Presentation. Papers: Andrew, Andrew, Chris
Inelastic bouncing ball Presentation. Papers: Nitin, Phillip, Jacob, Chris
Synchronization Presentation. Papers: Vlad, Luis, Brad, Jeff
Chaotic faucet Presentation. Papers: Ricky , Caleb , Joshua , Nick
Ferrofluid Presentation. Papers: Kipp, Daniel, Amir
Inverted pendulum Presentation. Papers: Chris, Jeff, Gustavo, Balachandra

Announcements: Fall 2011

  • Below is a list of the assigned dates for groups to work in the lab. If any groups have conflicts with the dates listed please email me immediately to resolve this.
Date range Groups
10/24 - 10/28 Inverted pendulum (Group 7)
10/31 - 11/4 Inelastic bouncing ball (Group 3) and dripping faucet (Group 5)
11/7 - 11/11 Synchronization (Group 4) and Ferrofluid (Group 6)
11/14 - 11/18 Faraday waves (Group 1) and Plinko dynamics (Group 2)
11/28 - 12/2 Presentations beginning Thursday
12/5 - 12/9 Presentations

  • Information about the final presentations and paper can now be found on the Final page.
  • Lab dates have been posted 10/19/11
  • Added capability to embed youtube videos. Use the following code to embed
  • Math rendering has been added using the MathJax program. This renders latex code typed into the page source and allows for copy/paste, scaling, and other features. For a Latex tutorial check here.
  • Groups are only able to edit the page associated with their group.
  • When you receive your group login and password you should change your password for security.
  • For questions about this site email Nick Gravish

About this wiki

See the About page for more information. This Wiki is open to the public to view but not to edit. However, we gladly make content available to other schools for non-profit educational use. Some links to copyright-protected references and software are not available to anyone without authentication as a Georgia Tech student or staff.

Wiki 101

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